About Us

   Welcome to our website, which is dedicated to Boxers, who are our passion. We have been married since 2010. Our adventure with these dogs began in January 2012, when we bought our first female - Milka. Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge about pseudo - breeding places caused that we bought the dog, who was sick and in the age of 8 months we were forced to relieve her in pain. However, we decided that this is not the end of our adventure. We started searching for another dog, also female one. It emerged that searching new dog was not an easy task. Of course, these time we search for dog, who was registered in Polish Kennel Organization. Despite all of the difficulties, we finally find Hanka Grzegorzewicz and her Kennel Kierskie Ustronie and there we bought LENKA Kierskie Ustronie, who we named Kenya. Initially, we wanted to have dog 'for love' until we register Kenya for International Dog Show in Szczecin. And that was the beginning. We started visiting next shows. Soon we decided to buy another female. And once again we go to Puszczykowo, and took Metaxa Kierskie Ustronie. For sure, we do not change our mind and we know now that our adventure with Boxers will last longer.